Меню для мобильной
and Conveyor chains.
Dong Bo Chain has been engaged exclusively in chain manufacturing for
half a century since its establishment in 1962.
We have been working since 2007 and know the products of various manufacturers. Therefore, we will help you compare options and find a solution for your tasks.
BELT TRADE is the only representative of the Korean company Dong Bo Chain in Russia
Working with us:
Calmly go home. Or on vacation. And he will receive his well-deserved award for the smooth operation of production.
Supply Specialist
He will be sure that the documents are in order, that what is needed has been delivered, the mechanics are happy, and the production is working. And in six months, and in a few years everything will be the same, without rush jobs and force majeure. And with a premium, of course.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the selected solutions and increase the profitability of the enterprise.
We supply chains from the Korean factory DBC with paperwork in 1 day
from a warehouse in Russia
DBC chains are used in famous world production.
Enterprise production is sold through 50 own commercial agents in Korea itself and outside the Asian region as well. DBC opened departments in America and Europe for overseas deliveries.
of production area
42 000 м²
in catalog
1500 types of chains
Company's goal is quality. Quality that means not only product quality, but also full customer support:
- professional advice,
- full after-sales service,
- products supply at competitive prices.
Deliveries to
60 countries of the world
are produced annually
4500 km of roller chains
Quality in every part of DBC chain.
The main DBC product is roller chain. All production procedures from selection of raw materials to components production , assembly, heat treatment are tested on computerized machines. Such kind of control passes only those products that meet technical requirements. Overall chain quality ensures attention to each element.
Inner and outer plates
High-precision equipment is used to make holes in the side plate, which ensures accurate assembly and reliable riveting of the hinge pin.
Rollers are subject to abrasive blasting for descaling surfaces and achieving greater fatigue strength. Also by propelling a stream of metal shots jagged edges are removed at a high speed and a radius corner is created.
Special chain pin lubrication reduces the effects of friction between the chain elements.
Perfectly straight chain bushes, which can be split or solid, reduce initial stretch and increase overall chain life.
Professionals choose DBC
DBC chains are used in a wide variety of industries. They are reliable and can handle even non-standard loads, that is why professionals around the world choose DBC.
Machine tool accessories
Transmission parts of combine harvesters
Assembly lines of factories
Escalators, elevators
Electric trains
Drive systems
Oil and gas industry
Even in marine engines
DBC not only manufactures transmission roller chains, but also chains for marine engines subject to extreme loads. This once again confirms the perfect quality of Korean DBC products.
6 reasons to start purchasing Korean DBC chains
The DBC quality standards are based on the requirements and wishes of customers, therefore company's chains not only meet international standards, but also exceed them:
Сonsistent high quality from batch to batch.
Automated production process reduces the probability of errors to zero, and quality control at every stage is carried out using modern equipment.
All parts are accurately dimensioned with minimal tolerances.
Robotic manufacturing and precision machining of chain parts help to make them as accurate as possible and perfectly match each other during assembly.
DBC chains eliminate initial stretch.
After factory production chains are preloaded by placing them on several sprockets at the same time, this eliminates the initial stretching of the chain in your production.
We use high quality ShanghaiBaoSteel raw materials.
It is the largest Chinese steel company, whose raw materials are used in the manufacture of automobiles, household electrical appliances, energy and chemical equipment.
DBC chains are treated with a special lubricant.
During the hot dipping production process the support surfaces are lubricated, this reduces the effects of friction between the chain elements.
DBC chains undergo additional heat treatment.
At client's request through or induction hardening is carried out, which allows the chains to be used in hostile environments and at high loads.
All this increases fatigue strength of DBC chains and prolongs their lifetime.
Now you have an opportunity to buy DBC products in Russia
We supply Dong Bo Chain products directly, and we also offer companies to become a dealer for Korean drive chains. For detailed information on the terms of cooperation, please contact our managers.
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